Corning Ware

"P" Series

Blue Cornflower Pattern


Grab-Its - Pigs - Pen


Corning Ware P-150-B Grab It

Left photo shows the P-150-C Pyrex cover.

Shown with clear P-150-PC plastic storage cover,

and P-150-CPC opaque plastic storage cover.

Capacity: 550 milliliters

Bowl and lid weight: 13.8 ounces.

Dimensions: 7" x 5.5"  - 2.25" Tall  

My entire collection of Grab-Its and Visions Heat 'n' Eats are here.


Not Corning Ware, but still a cute little piggy.

Ceramic Piggy Bank made in England.

The stopper on the bottom says: "R. Moss Ltd.". 

I do not know if they made the whole bank or just the stopper.

A look at the bottom does not indicate gender, but we think it's a girl.

Weight: 1 pound 0.2 ounces

6" long - 5" tall

Blue Cornflower Piggy Bank

Corning Ware P-66-7M  6" Square Trivet

Not much else to say about this item.

4 rubber feet on back.

Corning Ware DG2 Ballpoint Pen

Manufactured by Sheaffer

133 mm long - Weight: 20 grams



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