Corning Ware /

Pyrosil Ware

Blue Cornflower Pattern


The Saucemakers

Corning Ware 1 Quart Saucemaker

Corning Ware P-55-B Saucemaker

Corning Ware P-64-B Covered  Saucemaker

1 Quart (4 Cup) Capacity / Uses the P-10-HG handle.

The P-55-B was sold as a Saucemaker.

The P-64-B was sold as a Covered Saucemaker.

The only piece that uses just one handle.

Corning Ware 2 Quart Saucemaker

Corning Ware P-65-B Saucemaker

2 Quart (8 Cup) Capacity
Uses the P-10-HG handle.
These were sold with and without the P-65-C glass cover.

Marked in Quarts and Cups.

Both the same thing, just marked different.

Pyrosil Ware 951 Saucemaker

1 Pint (3 Cup) Capacity
Uses the P-10-HG handle and the P-64-C glass cover. 

Marked in Cups, Ounces and Pints.

Same physical size as the P-55 / P-64 above.

These were made in the Netherlands.

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